How Do We Fix It?

Ideas to Repair a Divided World

Have you ever watched TV or turned on the radio and heard nothing but partisan bickering and tired old rhetoric? We sure have.

Our show is about solutions—and we’re excited about new and contrarian ideas: Solutions that can cut across the left-right divide. Co-hosts Richard Davies and Jim Meigs are journalists who’ve spent decades covering America and the world. In every field we've followed, problems make headlines. But there is far too little talk about fixes.

Instead of merely complaining or yelling across the divide, we look at new research and fresh thinking.  Each week on How Do We Fix It?, innovative thinkers to sit down and discuss the issue they know best. They are asked to bring practical solutions as well. 

Some of our shows are on national issues, such as climate change, the refugee crisis, how to train better teachers and privacy concerns raised by technology and social media.  Not every problem we discuss requires a large response from government. Some topics are best handled within local communities, businesses, or individual families.

Both Jim and Richard come from different political backgrounds, and they don’t always agree. But they're friends who look for common ground and common-sense fixes. We consider ourselves reality-hardened optimists: Our goal is to make How Do We Fix It? a repair manual for the real world.

We want this to be your show and hope that you'll give us plenty of feedback and suggest topics for us to discuss. The road to making the world a better place starts with a good idea. 

Thanks for listening!