#181: AI Will Change All of us Kai-Fu Lee

Artificial intelligence will lead to sweeping changes in our society, economy and relationship with work. China has suddenly caught up with The United States and will exercise much greater technological power in the future.

"We will not have to do routine jobs anymore," says our guest, Kai-Fu-Lee. "AI will take over in the next 15 to 20 years all the routine jobs that we have and work efficiently and essentially for free and 24/7 with no complaints."

This creates both daunting and exciting challenges for our future, argues Dr. Lee, who is one of the world's leading AI experts. He has been in AI research, development and investment for more than thirty years.

His new book is "AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley and The New York Order."

We discuss deep learning and how AI can learn things by itself, recognizing faces, speech and patterns. Artificial can do sophisticated customer service, telemarketing, loan approvals and many forms of blue-collar work such as dishwashing, fruit picking and assembly line work.

This episode also discusses the AI revolution in China. While "The U.S. is stronger in research and technology, China is faster with implementation and has more data," says Dr. Lee. In a recent interview with Thomas Friedman of The New York Times he said: "If data is the new oil, then China is the new Saudi Arabia."