#171 Collaboration Beats Competition: Paul Skinner

In recent decades, business strategy has been built on the idea that we must compete to win.

But what if the competitive model of business is now broken? In today’s interconnected, digital world, strategies to create competitive advantage may be holding us back— with a negative impact on the workplace and the economy.

In his new book “Collaborative Advantage: How Collaboration Beats Competition as a Strategy for Success," British marketing and business consultant Paul Skinner presents collaborative advantage as a radical alternative to the conventional goal of competitive advantage. 

Skinner says: "We can be more ambitious in the way we grow our businesses, increase the impact of our non-profits and find better solutions to our most pressing problems when we view our opportunities through the lens of cooperation rather than competition."

This episode explores:

  • How competitive advantage can overshadow human purpose and the capacity for cooperation in businesses and other organizations.

  • How leaders can put cooperation-enabling ideas at the heart of their businesses and deepen relationships with customers, clients and employees.

  • How the dogma of Competitive Advantage may explain why solutions offered by previous guests “How Do We Fix It?” are not yet mainstream

Paul Skinner  is the founder of the U.K.-based Agency of the Future, and founder of Pimp My Cause, which uses cause-related marketing to boost the capabilities of teams and individuals. Paul is a regular listener to “How Do We Fix It?”