#177 Bridging Divide Renewing Democracy: Minnesota

Polarization is tearing us apart. Bullying and bluster are two of the most common ingredients in American democracy.

How can we renew democracy and restore the sort of trust that is essential for governance? This episode looks at the constructive and energetic responses of two local and national groups in Minnesota.

We visit a Living Room Conversation discussion on race at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and speak with the co-founder of Better AngelsBill Doherty, a University of Minnesota Professor, who is working with others to bridge partisan divides.

We also meet Tiffany Wilson-Worsley, a family and community specialist in Minneapolis, who works as a facilitator for discussions on race relations.

"We have this pervasive need to be human with one another," she says. "There are so many divides, and I think the goal is to bring us all together to get to know one another, but also to grow together."

Both groups promote guided conversations in a safe space, and establish ground rules for difficult discussions. They aim to build trust among participants of various viewpoint, social class, gender, ethnic and racial backgrounds.