#186 8 For ‘18. The Year’s Big Lessons

In a year of crazy politics, disdain for the views of experts, and deep partisan divisions, we look beyond anger and fear stoked by cable TV, talk radio and social media to learn eight deeper lessons of where we are today and in what direction we are headed.

Here are the eight “Fix It” takeaways as we head into 2019. Warning: Some are hopeful!

  1. Women just aren’t going to take it anymore.” We discuss the growing power of women in politics, entertainment and hear why workplace programs to stop the widespread crisis of sexual harassment could be so much better than most initiatives are today. 

  2. Debt is back in a big, bad way.” Why the debate over rising federal deficits and the nation’s debt mountain will grow in 2019. 

  3. The economy slows down and financial worries heat up.” As Wall Street volatility returns, reporter and author Diana Henriques tells us what new financial protections are needed to prevent a future meltdown.

  4. “Don’t count capitalism out.”  We pushback against the recent celebration of socialism and discuss why markets are still the best way to enable opportunity for all—even despite fears that AI will take all the jobs and inequality will destroy the middle class. 

  5. ”Identity Politics Are Back (And that’s not a good thing.)”. Political tribes were a big theme for us in 2018: The decline of civil debate and the view of some that those they disagree with are their enemies. Can ideas be traumatizing and is support for free speech and democracy declining?

  6. “New Hope From The Heartland.” Why it’s not all opioids and despair. We look at promising developments in towns and cities across the country. 

  7. Things Are Better Than You Think  At a time when many  are gripped by pessimism and fear we look at the powerful case for optimism. 

  8. “So far the system works.” From the Mueller investigation to gains made in 2018 by the economy and business, we look at how the system is holding up from assaults by extremists on the right and left.