#194 New Thinking on Migration: Tolu Olubumni

Migration is an emotional, super-charged issue, sparking fierce debates, angry protests and influencing election results around the world. From President Trump's demand for a border wall to the long controversy over Brexit, migration is seen by many as a threat.

But movement of people across borders is inevitable, and has always played a major role in economic growth and technological innovation. Today, global migration is at a record high-- up 50% in less than twenty years. 

An estimated 244 million people, or about 3.3% of the world’s population, were born in one country and now live in another.

Often, solutions to the world's problems involve an unsexy truth: Better management. This episode looks at the need for safe, orderly and regular migration. The alternative to international cooperation is often violence and chaos, leading to great human suffering.

Our guest is Tolu Olubunmi, host of the podcast, "A Way Home Together: Stories of the Human Journey". Tolu is a global advocate for migrants, refugees, and displaced people. She is a Dreamer, born in Nigeria, who now lives in The United States.