#123 Affirmative Action for Conservatives? Michael Roth

Are free speech rights threatened at universities? Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions correct when he says political correctness has run amok on college campuses?

Conservatives point to the angry scenes at Middlebury College, where Charles Murray was shouted down, and demonstrations at University of California, Berkeley, which led to the cancelation of Free Speech Week, as alarming examples of intolerance.

Liberals push back, saying that protests against neo-Nazis, racism, and those who denigrate other cultures are part of a proud tradition of resistance to hate.

In this episode, Richard speaks with Wesleyan University President, Michael Roth, who wrote a recent article for the Wall Street Journal: "The Opening of the Liberal Mind: Affirmative action for the study of conservative ideas."

Professor Roth makes a powerful argument in defense of free speech, especially for unpopular views. In the days after controversy erupted over President Trump's scathing criticism of NFL player protests during the national anthem, this debate has special resonance.