#117 Is Hiking a Cure for PTSD? Sean Gobin

Can vets walk off the devastating impacts of PTSD? Do long-distance hiking, biking and river paddling journeys offer far better treatment for the emotional and psychological damage of war than pills or therapy offered by the VA? 

Sean Gobin is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served 12 years as an Infantry Rifleman and Armor Officer. He tells us his own personal story. 
After returning home from several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Sean hiked the 2,181-mile Appalachian Trail. In 2013, he founded Warrior Expeditions and now serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Since 2013, Warrior Expeditions has provided veterans with everything they need to complete a three to six month-long outdoor expedition at no cost. Their journeys offer them the opportunity to decompress from military service and come to terms with wartime experiences. Participants have reported significant improvements in physical, mental, and social well-being during and after their journeys.

Warrior Expeditions outfits veterans with some of the most highly rated equipment and clothing available from the outdoor retail industry.  Participants get a monthly $300 stipend to purchase what they need. Community support is an important part of the program, with volunteers offering vets transportation, lodging, and food along the route.

Here's more about the Ernest Hemingway short story mentioned in this episode... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Two-Hearted_River

#109 Secrets of Your Stuff: Mover, Finn Murphy

Are you too attached to your stuff? Do you have a big move coming up?

Long-haul trucker, Finn Murphy has covered more than a million miles of packing, loading and hauling people's material possessions all across the country. In this episode he shares his insights into the moving business, truckers, his many customers and how American households have changed in recent years.

Finn is the author of "The Long Haul: A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road," a wise, vivid and charming account of his years in the business. His book gives a penetrating look into the lives of big-rig drivers and the people they move.

More than 35 million Americans move house every year.  Finn has intelligent advice on how to avoid moving scams, the best way to pick a mover, and when finding a new place to live might not bad a smart move.