Richard Davies (Co-host of How Do We Fix It?)

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He was at the Berlin Wall in 1989, on President-elect Clinton's campaign plane in 1992, and in the streets of lower Manhattan on the morning of the 9/11 attacks.  He’s reported from four continents and more than 20 nations, following wars, political campaigns, royal weddings and the global financial crisis.  

Now after reporting the news at ABC, RIchard is ready for a new adventure.  His first venture is the weekly podcast, How Do We Fix It?  Richard and fellow journalist, Jim Meigs, former Editor-in-Chief of Popular Mechanics,  call on experts, and seek solutions to policy, politics, parenting and other matters of concern to all of us.  How Do We Fix It? presents positive views on challenging matters. Produced by DaviesContent: We Make Podcasts For You.